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Sunsynk 3.6 ECCO - Owner's Review. Likely The Best For DIY Featured Image

Sunsynk 3.6 ECCO - The Ultimate Home Solar Inverter

Owners review of Sunsynk 3.6 ECCO hybrid inverter for home solar energy. Advantages and disadvantages and why it is the best inverter in its class.

Fogstar Energy 15kWh 48V Home Battery Storage Owner's Review Featured Image

Fogstar Energy 15kWh: The Best Solar Battery for the UK

Looking for the best solar energy battery for your UK home? Check out Fogstar Energy’s 15kWh 48V Battery

Best Solar Panel Optimisers - Tigo or SolarEdge? Featured Image

Best Solar Panel Optimisers - Tigo or SolarEdge?

Maximize Solar Efficiency: Solar Power Optimisers by SolarEdge & Tigo - Key Benefits and Considerations for Home Systems