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Register DIY Solar Panels For An Octopus Export Tariff Featured Image

Export Power and Earn From Your DIY System Without MCS

Learn how your DIY solar energy system can earn money through Octopus Energy’s innovative export scheme. No MCS-certificate required — a step-by-step guide.

Expand Your Hybrid Inverter's Power With Microinverters Featured Image

Adding Panels To An Existing String With Microinverters

Hybrid inverters have AC-Coupled input ports for taking additional power from microsieverts or generators. Use this to easily add more PV capacity.

DIY Solar Panels Advice For New Installations In 2024 Featured Image

The DIY Solar Panels System I Would Build in 2024

I built a DIY solar panel system for my home in May 2023. It has been a fantastic asset, and by March 2024, it has saved me over £500 in electricity bills.

Battery Automation With Solar Assistant and Home Assistant Featured Image

Flexible Tariffs and Battery Charging Automation for Winter

Simple automation for battery charging and smart use of flexible tariffs for maximum savings using Solar Assistant.

Shed or Garage: The Best DIY Solar for Immediate Savings Featured Image

Harness Solar Power from Your Shed or Garage: Great for DIY

Achieve surprisingly short ROI with solar energy from your shed’s roof. A guid on placing solar panels on your shed or garage and saving money from your bills.

Go Beyond 15m CT Coil Cable Length for Sunsynk and Deye Featured Image

Extending the Sunsynk and Deye CT Clamp

Discover practical solutions for extending Sunsynk and Deye CT clamps beyond 15m. Learn how to overcome limitations and optimize your solar energy system.

Battery, Sunsynk and Solar Assistant Using a Single Cable Featured Image

Solar Assistant CRC Error on Sunsynk and Deye

Solve CRC error when connecting Solar Assistant to Sunsynk/Deye inverters. Get step-by-step DIY guidance for real-time monitoring and analytics.