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Solar Energy Concepts: about the site and the author. Why I started writing about solar energy after installing my own system.
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Why I Started Solar Energy Concepts

I have been on a journey to improve my home energy system and built my solar system using off-the-shelf components. The experience was exciting and rewarding. I started researching in 2022 and finally installed it in the summer of 2023.

About the Author

Nikola Nedoklanov a professional software engineer and a hobby DIYer.

I have studied and trained in electronics and computer science. As a homeowner, I have done many DIY projects involving building, plumbing, and permitted electric installation works.

Home solar energy was a natural progression for me. As I went through my research phases, I found the practical advice and knowledge about solar energy in online communities to be a fantastic source.
I want to give back by building a site for introducing people to the concepts of solar energy, particularly in home systems for energy generation and storage.

If you find this site helpful and would like to let me know or would like to discuss any of the articles further, then use: hello@solarenergyconcepts.co.uk

Visit my page Solar Energy Concepts on facebook for feedback or other comments.

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